Because Minamoto is a unique brand, the launch should reflect this too. We are convinced that the unique product concept must also be reflected in our communication campaign. Our products are characterized by a minimalistic design approach. They are originals from Japan, produced from the best Japanese titanium with an unmatched quality in manufacturing.

These great qualities are reflected in our creative concept. Whilst other eyewear manufacturers generally work with visuals of eyewear and generic models, we take a disruptive approach with Minamoto. In the campaign imagery, we hint at our glasses with a minimalistic concept thus creating mystery and excitement. 

We are original, from Japan. By bringing a glimpse into Japanese origins to life in our imagery, we create a link to our own origins. For us, the Samurai is a symbol of concentrated precision in our products. Because we are an original, we don‘t pretend to be someone else. We follow the path of sincerity and truth. The lady represents the timeless beauty of our products, their unique elegance and style.

The images immediately show what Minamoto stands for: the original. For the people who go their own way. Just like us. Who are not satisfied with anything but the best. Just like us. Which path do you follow?